A public cloud service provider (CSP) offers instantaneous, scalable virtual infrastructure with utility billing. While the public cloud IaaS industry streamlines IT through these advantages, a lack of standardisation in performance can lead to businesses overspending in order to obtain the necessary performance requirements for their applications.

Cloud Spectator set out to test 9 of the largest, most well-known public cloud providers with data centres in Europe. The report measures and ranks CSPs using a comprehensive performance and price-performance methodology designed by Cloud Spectator specifically for the purpose of measuring cloud environments. The study documented in this report examines the performance of vCPU, memory, and block storage as well as the value (the CloudSpecsTM Score) as defined by the relationship between price and performance.

The report is specifically designed to educate readers on the variation in performance and price performance value across public cloud providers. Performance is a critical and often overlooked component when making a cloud purchase decision, but can have substantial impact on annual operating costs.

CenturyLink achieved the highest CloudSpecs ScoreTM (a score of 100) in the 9 cloud IaaS providers ranking. This is largely due to high vCPU & memory performance and its inexpensive customizable pricing.

CenturyLink also achieved the highest CloudSpecsTM ranking in the vCPU and Memory Value category, while Google achieves the highest CloudSpecsTM ranking in the Block Storage Value category, CenturyLink scores highest overall.
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