At its core, a thriving partnership is about making connections. The CenturyLink Channel Partner Program connects you to a lot more than our powerful global network and technology solutions. CenturyLink offers you a robust network of support, resources and training to help you and your customers succeed. It's all about your network.

CenturyLink Channel Partners get:

  • New Partner Program Agreement
  • Generous Commissions
  • Comprehensive Solutions Portfolio
  • Order Management & Support
  • Sales Incentives
  • Innovative Marketing Programs & Tools
  • Marketing Investment Funds
  • Live & On-Demand Training
  • Sub-Agent Recruitment Assistance

Sell CenturyLink's full Portfolio:

CenturyLink Solutions can forge stronger connections with your customers and improve digital business performance. Help your customers deploy global IT solutions specific to their industry and organizational needs using CenturyLink’s comprehensive portfolio:

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