The changing nature of video delivery is a topic that no media executive can afford to ignore. There are several areas of transformation in the media industry and a key one is the readiness for a totally IP-delivered world.

In 2019, the Digital Production Partnership - a media industry forum with high-level representation from many of the largest companies in the sector - examined the business challenges posed by the transition to full IP distribution of content.

CenturyLink is a member of the DPP and has sponsored the report "Delivering the IP Future" which sheds light on what will be the technologies that will enable the media and entertainment industry to deliver an all-IP future for content distribution.

This exclusive whitepaper has been created to help you face the current top business challenges:
  • Viewing habits to move increasingly online*
  • Peak load scaling
  • Audiences demanding superior experiences
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The report also includes '10 things you need to know' about delivering the IP future.

* see The "Changing the nature of TV" CenturyLink Report, based upon the survey responses of over 6,000 European consumers in 2019.

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